Employee Highlight – Meet Robbie Berger, El Gaucho Seattle Event Director

“When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better, too.”   ~ Paulo Coelho

This saying has resonated with Robbie and she’s taken it to heart ~ she’s been elevating guest’s experiences since 2007 when she joined the El Gaucho team.

After spending six years as the Private Dining Director at AQUA by El Gaucho, Robbie, who is also lovingly referred to as “Berger,” was tasked with helping grow the off-site events business for El Gaucho Hospitality.  She served in that capacity for three years before taking her experience and knowledge to the flagship location, El Gaucho Seattle, as Event Director in the spring of 2016.

Robbie loves her new role. She says, “Everyone works together well and we all work for each other. We all enjoy what we’re doing, and it shows. It’s really a great family feeling.”

That family feeling is important for Robbie, which she enjoys both at home and at work. She has two young and adorable daughters: Ella James and Avi Marie.

“The dynamics of such a young family is incredibly exciting and always changing. It keeps me on my toes!” she exclaims. “I feel incredibly blessed to be their mom, and that I’m able to experience their worlds with them and help them grow on a daily basis. It’s a huge accomplishment.”

Robbie’s favorite professional achievement is being a part of the El Gaucho Hospitality team. “I can’t say enough about our team. It’s such a talented group of people who are fun to be around.” Also impacting guests on a daily basis is also satisfying, “Knowing that what I do has a direct impact on guest’s important moments in their lives is really rewarding for me,” she says.

Robbie’s biggest claim to fame with her teammates is the fact she’s a vegan – in a steak-driven culture, which helps her most when working with guest’s special requests.

“We are here for anything our guests need, and we deliver on that every day,” she says. “Everyone here is committed to execution, and I think our guests sense that. New business is great, but repeat business is personally satisfying because it’s a huge complement to the entire team’s commitment.”

In her free time (which is hard to imagine she has!), Robbie enjoys shopping and photography. “I love to take pictures of things close up. There is something beautiful about the small pieces that fit together to make life possible.”

Do you need help with the details in planning your next event?  Robbie and the El Gaucho Seattle team would love to help bring your event to life.  Call 206-267-5510 or email rberger@elgaucho.com.


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