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  • The Gaucho Experience:
    Legendary. Timeless. Swanky. Spirited.

    The El Gaucho experience blends fine dining of a bygone era, with impeccable service and exceptional quality. Each ritual, from the greeting at the front door to the fire-dancing desserts, is part of our nod to the past and our vision for how fine dining should remain—a place where the water glasses never go below an inch, ladies are escorted, and carts silently glide to guests awaiting tableside preparations. Details are carefully and thoughtfully executed for people celebrating their lives.

    The heritage of our company is based on providing a level of hospitality. Manners and respect do not have to live in the past – we are launching an “etiquette revolution” to deal with updated etiquette issues we face today. We believe it’s time to bring back some civility and grace: the era of gentlemen opening doors, knowing how to set a table or simply saying please and thank you. The way we behave and treat others has a profound effect on the world around us. We hope to provide inspiration and techniques to bring back some of the refinement of prior generations, updated for today’s fast-paced lives.

General Information

Dinner classes are 5 courses, are 2+ hours and $175/person inclusive.

Upcoming Scheduled Class Information

Cortney will lead the interactive class with etiquette tips & wine. Classes are conversational – bring your questions, and come hungry! Participants will leave with a pamphlet recapping tips covered. Each class is limited to 12 people.

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A taste of the tips and tricks classes will cover.
Of course, lessons can be tailored just for you based on your request.

  • Hosting Restaurant
    Business 101

    1. Responsibilities of being a phenomenal host—creating a successful tone tone
    2. Planning is key. Pre-order wine and appetizers as well as any food allergies.
    3. Deal with meal timing and payment in advance.
    4. Hosts should arrive 20 minutes early
    5. The importance of the seating arrangement—Guest of honor should be seated facing the restaurant
    6. Handshakes, greetings and introductions
    7. Host should toast
    8. Dealing with issues should NOT be an issue
    9. Keen eyes keep everyone comfortable—watch your guests for keys to meal closure
  • Invitation to
    Business Dinner 101

    1. RSVP
    2. Timeliness is next to Godliness
    3. Homage to the Host—The meal begins once the host has started or everyone has been served depending on size of the gathering
    4. Napkin in the lap
    5. Don’t do anything you will have to apologize for the next day
    6. Converse equally
    7. Pace your meal
    8. Gratitude goes farther than you think—thank your host twice; once at the end of the meal and in your thank you note the next day
  • Dining with Manners

    1. Know the place setting and don’t be overwhelmed by utensils, glassware and napkin placement
    2. Technology on silent, and don’t be tempted to Google it
    3. Everything off the table that doesn’t have to do with eating
    4. American vs Continental dining styles
    5. Know your passing technique
    6. Know how to order and eat different foods, including bread, soup and seafood
    7. Put your hands down – you are not directing traffic
    8. Know how to handle the bill and tipping

  • Cortney Anderson-Sanford

    Cortney’s elegance, fashion sense, and award winning food are a culmination of a lifetime commitment to sharing the finer things in life with those around her. Her etiquette and style can be traced all the way back to her childhood where she raised on a sustenance farm in New Hampshire, in a household where sitting down to meals held a great deal of importance. Cortney’s parents were constantly entertaining large family groups as well as political and business guests. From her farm roots to living in Italy, Budapest and NYC, she gained an appreciation for international sophistication, which led her to Hollywood, where she exceeded the term, ‘cool under pressure’ by beating out top chefs on NBC TV and winning $100,000 all with poise and style.

    Cortney is excited to share her knowledge and help others feel more comfortable and relaxed in a fine dining environment. Whether it’s a team building experience for your company, or a personal brush-up, sessions with Cortney can be tailored for you. Impress – don’t stress – when faced with tough social and business situations. There’s never a better time to brush up on approaches and techniques to stay Swanky in the modern world.