Best Spirit in the World – Angel’s Envy

Voted Best Spirit in the World – Don’t Miss Angel’s Envy Bourbon Dinner!

An old Kentucky Proverb says, “Keep your friends close – your bourbon closer.” For anyone lucky enough to sample Angel’s Envy, this saying certainly rings true. We are excited to offer an incredible opportunity to introduce guests to Angel’s Envy at El Gaucho Seattle, Wednesday March 5, which will be hosted by Angel’s Envy own COO Wesley Henderson.

What makes this bourbon and rye so special? The product was created by one of the world’s leading spirits experts, Lincoln Henderson, who spent decades as Master Distiller, developing many well-regarded brands such as Woodford Reserve, Jack Daniels “Gentleman Jack” and Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel. He sought to create the best-tasting bourbon on the planet with what ended up being his last project, Angel’s Envy (he passed last September). Since its launch in 2010, Angel’s Envy has received big accolades and high praise as one of the world’s super-premium bourbons.

How did it get its name? For every year that bourbon ages, 5% is lost due to evaporation. This precious “loss” has been called the Angel’s Share for generations. After tasting his creation, Lincoln joked that the angels might have wanted a bigger cut. Thus Angel’s Envy was born.

Each micro-batch is aged six years in charred white oak, and finished in ruby port wine barrels, giving a clean, lingering sweetness with notes of vanilla, maple syrup, and raisins. The Angel’s Envy Rye Whiskey is approached in the same way – it spends its last 18 months in Franco Caribbean rum casks, resulting in an immensely complex but smooth rye whiskey, even at 100 proof.

If quaffing these two fine beverages is not enough, the dinner will feature their Cask Strength Bourbon, the world’s highest rated bourbon, which is currently not available in Washington State. It was voted the “Best Spirit in the World” by Spirit Journal, and for a bourbon lover, having a chance to taste this special liquor, paired with none other than an El Gaucho grilled New York, is worthy of the price of admission alone.

Executive Chef Matt Brandsey and bartender Rob Moscovitz have collaborated in the creation of the Angel’s Envy Bourbon dinner, which will show off the creativity of this culinary team at El Gaucho Seattle like no other. Another standout pairing will be a chilled clam soup with coconut, curry, and Thai chilies, paired with an Angel’s Envy hot toddy, served with candied and curried lemon.

Be a part of this spirited event and join us to try these amazing bourbons.


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