El Gaucho Beef: A Legacy of Quality

El Gaucho Beef: A Legacy of Quality Did you know that the most elite, sought-after Angus beef came about through the vision of our founder and owner, Paul Mackay? Since the beginning, we wanted to offer our guests something so exclusive that they would be hard-pressed to find anything like it anywhere in the world. That still holds true today.   The Evolution of a Brand   [...]


El Gaucho Tenderloin Diablo

El Gaucho Tenderloin Diablo 1 fl. oz clarified butter 6 oz tenderloin tails, 1” pieces 1 tsp garlic, minced Pinch El Gaucho Seasoning (to taste) 1 tbsp Diablo Spice 4 fl. oz heavy cream 1 tbsp butter, salted Heat clarified butter in a sauté pan until hot but not smoking. Add tenderloin pieces, Gaucho seasoning and cook 2-3 min. [...]


El Gaucho Tableside Caesar Salad

El Gaucho Tableside Caesar Salad Serves 2 INGREDIENTS Two heads of romaine hearts Parmesan Reggiano Cheese 3/4 oz. Grated Pecorino Romano Cheese 1/2 oz. Croutons 2 Lemon Halves 1 tsp. Minced Garlic 1 1/2 oz. Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1/2 oz. Anchovies, diced 1/8 oz. Worcestershire 1/4 Tbsp. Cracked Black Pepper 1 Egg 1 tsp. Dijon Mustard DIRECTIONS Rinse and cut [...]


El Gaucho Wicked Shrimp

El Gaucho Wicked Shrimp 1 fl. oz  clarified butter 5 U-15 prawns 1 tsp garlic, minced 1 tbsp Wicked Spice El Gaucho Seasoning to taste 1 fl. oz dry white wine 1 fl. oz beer ½ tbsp Worcestershire 2 fl. oz lobster veloute 1 tbsp butter, salted Heat clarified butter in a sauté pan until hot but not smoking. Add prawns, El Gaucho Seasoning and cook until prawns curl slightly (about 30 secs). Turn prawns over and cook 30 secs. Reduce heat [...]


Our Paintings

The history behind our paintings After Paul Mackay opened El Gaucho Seattle in 1996, he made a conscious decision to adorn the empty restaurant walls with commissioned art. The paintings would serve multiple purposes: to tell the story behind the people, or “players” in El Gaucho’s history (both guests and staff alike); to use for advertising and marketing; and [...]


Taylor Shellfish

Taylor Shellfish What does it take to produce the fattest, juiciest bivalves around? We asked the best in the business, Taylor Shellfish, who has been farming oysters for five generations, to explain. Chad Mackay, El Gaucho Hospitality President, is committed to sourcing the best products in the world for guests to enjoy. When it comes to seafood, he turns to [...]


Celebrating the First Harvest at El Gaucho Fields, a Sound Sustainable Farm

Celebrating the First Harvest at El Gaucho Fields, a Sound Sustainable Farm Fans of El Gaucho’s classic tableside Caesar Salad may notice a subtle difference this summer – that romaine might have a bit of extra crunch and taste like it was pulled from the ground that morning, and chances are pretty good that it was. Serving the very best [...]


The El Gaucho Portland Cigar Lounge

The El Gaucho Portland Cigar Lounge “If I cannot drink bourbon and smoke cigars in heaven than I shall not go.”  ~ Mark Twain Welcome to a little slice of heaven in downtown Portland.  The El Gaucho Cigar Lounge sets the standard for a full-service dining experience. Sit back and relax while our professional and expertly trained staff recommend the [...]


Service Charge 101: How this model works for us

The hospitality industry is evolving in Washington and Oregon, as it is across the country. With recent legislation at the federal, state and city level affecting minimum wage, tip-pooling practices, sick leave and predictive scheduling, it is hard to keep up with all the new rules and terms. When the Seattle City Council voted for a $15 minimum wage in [...]