Bobak Salehi: Guitarist at El Gaucho Portland

Bobak was born in Tehran, Iran. His musical journey began when he was eight years old, under the direction of his father Maestero Hossein Salehi, and later he studied violin with Maestro Davood Ganjei. After completing his classical violin studies with Eileen Dies and Anita Jones, he expanded his studies into world music, in particular the folk music of Latin America and Southern Spain.

In 1999 the Oregon Historical Society recognized him as master artist. He has studies Kamancheh (Spiked Fiddle) with crossover recording artist Kayhan Kalhor of Yoyo Ma’s Silk Road Project. Bobak has performed regularly in the Portland Iranian Festival, the World Beat Festival, Northwest Folklife Music Festival, and Olympia Sacred Music Festival.

In 2006, he was featured on the soundtrack of the award-winning film Cathedral Park. Most recently, he collaborated with San Francisco-based Translation Project in the creation of an original soundtracks for the world premieres of “ICARUS/RISE” (2008), followed by another original soundtrack for the newly released DVD “Persian Rite of Spring” (2010).


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