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  • A Word from Chad ~ November 2015

    One night last week we had what I call an epic fail at our house. My boys have been looking forward to this for some time, had completed all of their homework, cleaned their room, and I made a special trip to pick “it” up. No, I’m not talking about a puppy (that’s a topic […]

  • A Word from Chad ~ October 2015

    “Whidbey Approach. Cherokee N5165S declaring an emergency. I’m losing my engine.” These were the last words I thought I would say when I picked up my son and neighborhood friend from Camp Orkila on Orcas Island last month. It was a sunny day and we were well into our flight over Whidbey Island when it […]

  • A Word from Chad ~ September 2015

    Since launching these monthly newsletters last year, we’ve received feedback from some of our guests that they like hearing more about restaurant news and upcoming events. If that’s you, here’s my shameless plug on why you should dine with us: starting today, we are launching a new program, highlighting suppliers each month. In September, we […]

  • A Word from Chad ~ August 2015

    My wife and I attended a memorial service this week for a friend who passed away too early in life. One of the speakers described him as being a ‘gentlemen from another era.’ What is profound and shocking to me is that it’s uncommon for people to behave that way anymore. Somehow, across a few […]

  • A Word from Chad ~ July 2015

    Welcome to summer! It feels like we’ve been enjoying it for a couple of months, even though it officially just started. As a parent to two elementary school boys, I have to admit the end of the year was tough. The sun was constantly shining and never seemed to set. And our fourth-grader took a […]

  • A Word from Chad ~ June 2015

    June is a great month for life’s celebrations: from Father’s Day to graduations, weddings to end of school, June is the launchpad to a great summer ahead. As a business, we are looking forward to the U.S. Open at Chambers Bay, the patios opening at AQUA and El Gaucho Bellevue, the DeLille Legacy Winemaker Dinner […]

  • A Word from Chad ~ May 2015

    I’m writing this note with a big smile on my face, because it’s 82 degrees in Portland right now. I watched the Trailblazers win while enjoying a cigar and a bourbon in our newly remodeled cigar room. This incredible weather compels me to get back to the BBQ, and I shamelessly admit to being a […]

  • A Word from Chad ~ April 2015

    Spring is here! I’m writing this letter in the sunshine on my back patio, and it feels like it is 70 degrees. I love this time of year, when life renews and the bounty returns to the Pacific Northwest. What do I get excited about this time of year? Halibut season has begun and our […]

  • A Word from Chad ~ March 2015

    A Word from Chad ~ March 2015 Every year our team tackles a major initiative to help move our company forward. For 2015, our goal is to evaluate how to enhance the guest experience, so that everyone who enters our doors feel like they are regulars. A recent experience has made me rethink the entire […]

  • A Word from Chad ~ February 2015

    Our email is coming out a day early since tomorrow is going to be a very exciting day. There’s another reason, too: a reminder that all of our restaurants are closed tomorrow for our annual team party. For eleven years now, our team and their families, have joined together to celebrate Super Bowl Sunday. Without […]