Celebrate with Sharable Cocktails Served Tableside at El Gaucho Seattle

Tableside service has long been a hallmark of the El Gaucho experience, and we are excited to expand that to cocktails for our guests to enjoy together with family and friends.

Large-format cocktails are making a comeback – beyond the traditional party punchbowl.  The resurgence of shared drinks is rooted in a long history of an evolving cocktail culture.  Back in the day, when the wine or beer ran dry, punch became a practical way to create an enjoyable drink using what would otherwise be unpalatable rough spirits.  Fortunately, these sharable cocktails are no longer improvised drinks; rather, they are craft cocktails made from the finest ingredients and meant to be enjoyed with others.

Director of El Gaucho’s Spirit Syndicate, Dasha Mulein, was inspired to create a diverse selection of tableside cocktails to appeal to a variety of tastes.  El Gaucho Seattle is currently featuring three varieties each served tableside, highlighting a range of spirits, flavors and vessels.

THE BLACK MANHATTAN:  created when we acquired a 5-liter rye whiskey barrels from Heaven Hill Distillery.  The recipe combines Rittenhouse Rye and Carpano Antica Vermouth with Lazzaroni Amaro to add a hint of bitterness and the signature black coloring.  Orange bitters and an orange zest add a warm citrus note.  The Black Manhattan serves 2-3 people and is available for $50.

THE BIG REFRESCO: A stunning crystal dispenser contains a fresh and fruity cocktail made from vodka, lemon juice, Cointreau and sparkling rose.  Currently, the cocktail is with blueberry juice and fresh basil and may evolve depending on seasonal fruit and herbs.  The Big Fresco serves 4-6 people for $75.

PAMPAS PUNCH In homage to the tiki-cocktail and planters punch drinks found in warmer climes, the Pampas Punch combines dark rum and Giffard Banana liquor with lime and pineapple juices and mint.  Reminiscent of a torch on a sandy beach, the flaming cocktail is created by igniting a rum-soaked sugar cube and a spray of bitters.  The rum mixture douses the flames when poured into the glass and will have 4 guests dreaming of a tropical escape.  It is available for $50.

Grab some friends and come try one – or all three – of these sharable cocktails at El Gaucho Seattle.


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