Chateaubriand Cliff Sauce Recipe

It’s January – ahh, a new year, and a time for us to turn a new leaf, plan those goals, and stick with them. Lose weight? Check! Exercise more? Check! Eat healthier? Check! Not spend so much? Check! It’s also a time when we crave warm comfort foods to take the chill off the cold, winter days. This all means that most of us are most likely staying in and cooking more this month, so we wanted to share with you one of our most popular sauces – the Chateaubriand Cliff Sauce. Since our Chateaubriand is meant for two, so is this recipe.

Chateaubriand Cliff Sauce
1 tsp. L&P Worcestershire Sauce
1 ounce Meat Drippings
2 ounce Au Jus
1⁄2 tsp. Colemans Mustard (dry mustard)
1 ounce Whole Softened Butter
1 ounce Cab Sauvignon or Merlot Wine

Instructions: Combine a tablespoon of butter with mustard until smooth. On a cutting board (with a tray underneath to catch the sauce), spread butter and mustard mixture over pre-grilled Chateaubriand. Slice the meat in six equal portions and place them on two plates. Combine the Red Wine, Worcestershire, Au Jus, and meat drippings. Spoon the mixture over the Chateaubriand.

Pretty simple, don’t you think? Even better, this tasty sauce won’t add a lot to your waistline. Of course, if you’re not in the mood to do it yourself, we’d be pleased to prepare and serve it to you, in any of our establishments. Bon Appétit!


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