A Cheesy Gesture

If you are a female who has used the restroom while dining at one of our restaurants, chances are a gentleman server escorted you there. Although we are often teased by other restaurants, this kind of exclusive attention is exactly what we believe our guests deserve. Watch below as President and COO Chad Mackay (son of founder Paul Mackay) explains the importance behind this “cheesy” gesture:


Chad told this story earlier this year during a wine dinner at El Gaucho Bellevue with Cheateau Ste Michelle and Certified Angus Beef®. It is common at these events for Paul, Chad, local winemakers, or even longtime guests to share exclusive, behind-the-scenes stories you won’t hear anywhere else. Don’t miss your next chance to experience one of these first hand, restroom escort included:

El Gaucho Bellevue with Cakebread Cellars – January 17

El Gaucho Tacoma with Duckhorn Vineyards – February 23


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