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Mind Your Manners

A lesson in dining and how to present yourself in the modern world

The Gaucho Experience: Legendary. Timeless. Swanky. Spirited.

The heritage of our company is based on providing a high level of hospitality. We believe that manners and respect do not have to live in the past – civility and grace never go out of style: The way we behave and treat others has a profound effect on the world around us. Our Etiquette classes are intended to provide inspiration and techniques to bring back some of the refinement of prior generations, updated for today’s fast-paced lives.

  • Up And Coming Business:
    How to Dine for Success

    In today’s rather casual work atmosphere, it is far too easy to get lost in the crowd. Etiquette gives you the tools you need to stand out and get ahead in business. With charm, manners, and elegance, you will be able to navigate a meal and conversation with confidence.
    4 course | $175

    Corporate Team-Building

    Ensure your business soars above the competitors with knowledge of master business etiquette and protocol. With confidence, manners, and outstanding social skills, your team will thrive. This class may also be tailored to a specific group or company to inspire employees and give your team the skills they need to power dine for success in business and beyond.
    4 course | $175

  • Youth

    Adults often forget how difficult it is to navigate an ever-changing world as a young man or woman. Young adults will gain a solid foundation in strong social skills, good manners, basic etiquette, respect, eye contact and more. We will even dive into modern manners with social media, email, and cell phones. Give your child the advantage by developing confidence to help them succeed!
    3 course | $125


    While some social norms may change over time, the basic rules of etiquette stay the same. It’s never too early or too late to learn lessons in social graces and how to adapt to the modern world. Knowing and practicing proper business, social, dining, and online manners give us all the confidence to enjoy personal interactions in a wide variety of settings.
    4 course | $175

All of our packages include a coursed meal with impeccable service and the finest ingredients. Classes cover a variety of dining layouts. Youth classes include a 3-course meal to entice even the pickiest eaters.

  • Host and etiquette specialist
    Cortney Anderson-Sanford


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  • Cortney Anderson-Sanford

    Cortney’s elegance, fashion sense, and award winning food are a culmination of a lifetime commitment to sharing the finer things in life with those around her. Her etiquette and style can be traced all the way back to her childhood where she raised on a sustenance farm in New Hampshire, in a household where sitting down to meals held a great deal of importance. Cortney’s parents were constantly entertaining large family groups as well as political and business guests. From her farm roots to living in Italy, Budapest and NYC, she gained an appreciation for international sophistication, which led her to Hollywood, where she exceeded the term, ‘cool under pressure’ by beating out top chefs on NBC TV and winning $100,000 all with poise and style.

    Cortney is excited to share her knowledge and help others feel more comfortable and relaxed in a fine dining environment. Whether it’s a team building experience for your company, or a personal brush-up, sessions with Cortney can be tailored for you. Impress – don’t stress – when faced with tough social and business situations. There’s never a better time to brush up on approaches and techniques to stay Swanky in the modern world.

    “The etiquette class could not have been a more wonderful and helpful experience for our family. My two teens loved it! And the food was amazing, too!” ~ Carlyn Adams