Join us in February for The “Maine” Event

El Gaucho and AQUA highlight Maine lobster

“Lobsters fall in love and mate for life. You can actually see old lobster couples walking around the tank, holding claws.” Phoebe Buffay in “Friends”

Of the 30-odd types of clawed lobsters worldwide, Atlantic Lobsters, or Homarus americanus (literally, “American Lobster”), are found along the Atlantic coast from Canada to Virginia and North Carolina. Nearly half of the cold water lobster in North America is caught in the pristine waters of the rugged Maine coast. Cold water lobster have whiter and richer meat than the warm water lobster varieties, which are sometimes known as spiny or rock lobster.

Lobstering in Maine is a close-knit community of harvesters, and often a multigenerational family tradition. 100% of Maine Lobsters are hand-caught by small boats, harvesting the lobsters the same way they have for over 125 years – by hand, one trap at a time.

Live Atlantic lobsters are usually olive green or greenish brown, though they may be dusky orange or even bright blue, depending on factors including diet, heredity, and exposure to light. Lobsters turn bright red when cooked because the major pigment in their shell, astaxanthin, is red only when it is not bonded to other chemicals.

Of the different varieties of Maine lobsters available, we are most familiar with the hard shell variety, as they are generally purchased as live lobsters and can withstand long-distance delivery. Soft shell, or shedder lobsters, are sweeter but contain less meat and cannot survive shipping as well, so are usually eaten close to where they are caught.

Enjoy Maine lobster with us for the month of February, with two delicious preparations from our chefs. The Pan Roasted Citrus Lobster is a decadent entrée with a pound and a half of Maine lobster served with a bright and lively citrus miso sauce which perfectly complements the richness of the lobster meat.

For a hearty side to accompany grilled steak or fish, try the decadent Brandied Lobster Truffle Mac & Cheese. It is a rich and comforting twist on this cold weather dish. Bon Appétit!

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