Current Menu Feature- Miso Marinated Black Cod

Black cod is in season in the Pacific Northwest, and if you have not tried this delicious variety, now is your chance! Also known as a sablefish, this soft-textured and mildly flavored fish is considered a delicacy in many countries. The meat has a high oil content, containing about as much omega 3s as wild salmon. When cooked, its flaky texture is similar to Chilean sea bass, but with a richer flavor.

While a typical black cod season in the local waters of Neah Bay runs from October through the end of the year, quotas are very tight and the current season may end early. Don’t miss out on this superb dish offered on all El Gaucho and AQUA by El Gaucho menus right now, while supplies last.

This recipe comes from El Gaucho Bellevue Executive Chef Sarah Scott. Sweet miso is an excellent match with the plumpness of the fish.



For Black Cod
8 oz. black cod fish
1/3 c miso marinade
½ T El Gaucho Seasoning*
1 ½ T soy-balsamic reduction sauce
2 oz. shishito peppers
½ tsp togarashi spice
¼ c Calrose rice, cooked
1 pinch micro greens (use the high-intensity, which have flecks of red)

For Miso Marinade
1 c sake wine
¾ c mirin
1 ½ c granulated sugar
2 c white miso

For Soy-Balsamic Soy Reduction Sauce
1 c. soy sauce
½ c granulated sugar
½ c balsamic vinegar

For Sticky Rice
1 c Calrose rice (Nikko Nikko)
1.5 c water
1/2 tsp salt

For Miso Marinade
Boil sake and mirin for 20 seconds. Reduce heat to medium-low and add sugar and miso. Whisk until combined and cook until sugar has just dissolved. Chill completely before marinating fish. The marinade can be stored for up to 7 days so that small amounts of fish can be marinated every night. Fish must be marinated at least overnight and up to 3 days.

For Soy-Balsamic Reduction Sauce
Combine all ingredients and reduce until syrupy.

For Rice
If making a large batch, add all ingredients into a medium pot. Bring to a boil, cover and simmer for 15-18 minutes.

For Black Cod
Lightly shake off excess marinade. LIGHTLY season fish with El Gaucho seasoning on both sides. Roast in a 500*F oven (fan on) for 6-8 minutes or until just past medium rare. Remove cod from the oven change oven setting to broil. Continue cooking until the cod is golden brown with some crispy edges, another 2-3 minutes.
Meanwhile, fry the shishito peppers at 350* for 45-60 seconds or until the peppers are al dente. Season lightly with El Gaucho seasoning and a pinch of togarashi.

To Serve
Place a scoop of sticky rice down just off center onto a large oval. Place fish so that it’s leaning on the rice and still touching the plate. Garnish shishito peppers on the left side and drizzle the soy reduction around the plate several times. Garnish with micro greens.

*El Gaucho Seasoning can be purchased locally at Metropolitan Market, Zupans, in any El Gaucho or AQUA by El Gaucho restaurants, and online at


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