Perfect Pairings: Lachini Winemaker Dinner

Oregon Pinot Noir and Copper River King Salmon – just like classic pairings of milk and cookies, pizza and a cold soda, or hotdogs and beer, some things are just meant to be together.

Join us as we celebrate Oregon Wine Month and Copper River salmon season for the Lachini Wine Dinner at AQUA by El Gaucho, Friday, May 30. Guests will be treated to an incredible 5-course meal, tasting outstanding wines, expertly paired with the best fare of the season.

The standout course is sure to be the third: a trio of Copper River King Salmon preps with two >2012 Lachini Pinot Noirs.

Ron Lachini, winemaker and event host, explains “2012 was arguably the best vintage to come out of Oregon since the 60s, and the top five best vintage ever out of Oregon. There’s a lushness, an impeccable balance and complexity, from this vintage.” He thinks 2012 surpasses the great 2008 vintage, and says, “This vintage is a rock star.”

“I am very excited about the Copper River Salmon trio, paired with the two Lachini Pinots,” says Lee Spires, AQUA by El Gaucho’s Wine Captain. “When we were creating the menu, we couldn’t taste this course because Copper River wasn’t in season.”

Dinner guests will also be some of the first to taste the just-bottled 2013 Rosé of Pinot Noir. “Those who have never tried a Rosé from Pinot Noir are missing out,” says Ron. “This wine has enough depth to pair with food or enjoy al fresco.” The Lachini Rosé has become their hottest selling wine, with a strong following in the international market, and receiving great national press, most notably from the Wall Street Journal.

The second course pairs house-cured Copper River Salmon with the 2012 Lachini Chardonnay al di la. “Oregon is setting itself apart from the Washington and California Chardonnays in that it’s more bright and acidic,” explains Ron. “It’s made in a classic Chablis style, complimenting food and sauces well, but also has a backbone for aging.” Lachini has received consistent ratings in the 90s for their Chardonnay in the few years they’ve been producing it. They are currently producing two Chardonnays, both aged primarily in stainless steel barrels.

If that’s not rich enough – wait for the fourth and final courses: Wagyu Striploin paired with the 2011 La Bestia Cabernet Sauvignon, followed by the “chocolate chocolate chocolate” finale, paired with Lachini’s 2012 Pinot Port.

“The port presents like tawny even though it’s crafted like a ruby port,” Ron explains. “It’s lighter than a classic vintage port, not aged like a tawny, and is easier to consume.” Lachini started making port in 2010, and this year only made two barrels. The port is currently offered on all El Gaucho’s, and AQUA by El Gaucho’s menu.

“This is the perfect way to wrap the evening,” he said. “It’s approachable, and not too heavy. It will pair perfectly with the chocolate.”

Is your mouth watering? Don’t miss out on a tasty evening.


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