How To Plan For Business Entertaining Success

Events play an integral part in our lives. Professionally, a well planned and executed event can raise and refine a company’s profile, add significantly to its coffers, and contribute to the community. Events can also enhance our personal lives through celebrating life’s momentous occasions, making memories to last a lifetime.

For nearly twenty years, El Gaucho has been creating experiences for our guest’s most important and personal moments. From an intimate party of two, to a large gala of 600, an important business meeting, to a 60th wedding anniversary, our team of professionals has planned and executed thousands of events in our restaurants, in our guest’s homes, and exclusive venues all over the Pacific Northwest.

Our team of experts have gathered a list of the most common questions they’ve received and compiled a series of articles targeting every facet of the event planning process to help you plan a successful event.

We start with how to plan for business entertaining success. With just a bit of thought and pre-planning, there are a few tips and tricks we suggest for making a great impression on your guests:

Provide a comfortable atmosphere
It may seem rudimentary, but taking the guesswork out of the two moments that can be most awkward are guest arrival and departure. To make these seamless, pre-order appetizers and wine for guests’ arrival. Make sure that the variety offers something for everyone, is easy to enjoy, and presented in a way that promotes mingling.

Another awkward moment can be paying the bill. Predetermine ahead of time how the check will be paid, and provide payment information in advance. This will alleviate any struggle over who pays (or who doesn’t!).

Do your homework
Do your guests have any likes/dislikes? Is there a favorite wine that your main executive might enjoy? Is there a birthday in the group? Are there any cultural traditions that should be honored? Is transportation handled? Are there allergies that the chef should be aware of? In a nutshell, what bit of information can you use to make an even better impression?

Examples of little things that make a big impression are: a special birthday cake, presenting a gift if culturally expected, creating special menus, arranging a photographer, or offering wine, beer or spirits that the group would enjoy.

Is there a particular guest that needs to be served first? Are you on a strict timeline? Need help with gifts for the group? Need an interpreter? Want flowers for the table? Providing as much information as possible is essential to providing the best experience for your guests. Chances are that the restaurant has everything that you need, and if we don’t, we have the resources to obtain it. Lucky you, at El Gaucho we specialize in impossible requests!

Have fun!
When you’re having fun and enjoying the company of those you’ve invited, it’s obvious. It’s simple, people do business with people they like. Whether you’re recruiting, closing a huge deal, or showing appreciation for current clients, be likeable, be engaging, relax and have fun.

Just by executing these few tips and tricks, you’ll be heralded as an event pro in no time. And if you don’t have time to do it yourself, one of our event directors will be happy to handle the details for your next event. Cheers!

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