Ready to Taste Summer in a Glass? Try our Lemongrass Koh-jito

Ready to taste summer in a glass? El Gaucho and AQUA are excited to offer a refreshing new cocktail this August, featuring local products Big Gin, and DRY Sparkling’s Reserve Edition flavor: the Lemongrass Koh-jito. Just like the name alludes, it’s a twist on the mojito (Koh means island in Thai).

With refreshing ingredients like limoncello, lemon juice, and muddled Thai basil, the Lemongrass Koh-jito will transport you to sandy beaches, crashing waves, and sunshine on your shoulders.

While the drink may remind us of exotic destinations, two of the ingredients are sourced locally. Our family of restaurants is committed to sourcing the best products in the world for guests to enjoy, and lucky for us, many of these are in our own backyard.

About DRY Sparkling
DRY Sparkling (formerly called Dry Soda) is the brainchild of Sharelle Klaus, who resides in Seattle. When pregnant with her fourth child, she grew tired of the lack of great tasting, non-alcoholic options, so she sought to create a sparkling beverage worthy of gourmet meal pairings. In 2005, she crafted her first batches of DRY in her home kitchen, using high-quality herbs and fruits that she loves to cook with. Today, DRY is the fastest growing carbonated soft drink in the U.S. To commemorate DRY’s 10 year anniversary, they have brought their original Lemongrass flavor back as a Reserve Edition, with just 5,000 cases produced and sold through the month of August. It joins other DRY flavors such as Lavender, Vanilla Bean, Rhubarb, Juniper Berry, Blood Orange, and Cucumber.

About Captive Spirits and Big Gin
Captive Spirits is located in Ballard and opened in 2011 by Ben Capdevielle, his wife Holly Robinson and their friends Todd Leabman and Erica Goodkind. Captive Spirits is the state’s only strictly gin company, and its products include Big Gin (London dry), Bourbon barreled Big Gin, Peat Barreled Big Gin, and Barrel Reserve Big Gin.

Ben and his team have achieved consistent top quality gins that taste the same from batch to batch. Sourcing botanicals from regions of the world where they are best grown is how they maintain that quality and consistency.

Big Gins have been awarded top honors at both the ADI (American Distilling Institute), ACSA (American Craft Spirits Association) and IWSC (International Wine and Spirits Competition) in London in 2014 (the first American gin to win).

Lemongrass Koh-jito Recipe
1.5 oz. Big Gin
.5 oz. Limoncello
.75 oz. lemon juice
4 oz. Lemongrass DRY Sparkling
Muddled Thai basil
Garnish with pineapple, basil, lemongrass and cherry

Come in to any El Gaucho or AQUA by El Gaucho location to try the Lemongrass Koh-jito yourself. But hurry – it’s only offered on our menus in August!


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