A Steakhouse that’s Vegetarian and Vegan Friendly

We realize that, if you are a vegetarian or vegan, an old-school, classic steakhouse is probably not going to be your first choice as a place to dine. A steakhouse is a place you go when there’s the obligatory business, family, or social engagement, where you “make the sacrifice” to go, but come away hungry, or are relegated to order multiple side dishes until you are satiated. Or maybe you’ve realized, after too many bad experiences, not to take your chances anymore and eat at home before heading out for the night.

Sound familiar? While it’s true that beef is the star on our menu, we are also delighted to offer many tantalizing menu options for our non-meat eating guests – and it doesn’t have to be a tricky hodge-podge of requesting sides together. El Gaucho and AQUA by El Gaucho offer multiple dishes to ensure that whether you are a vegan or vegetarian, gluten-free or Paleo, you will dine well when you’re with us.

What might be some of your vegetarian options? At El Gaucho Seattle, start with the Insane Truffle soup, Bibb lettuce salad, or Heirloom Tomato and Burrata Cheese salad. For an entrée, choose from Curried Chickpeas (also vegan), Wild Mushroom Risotto, or Truffle Linguini (can be vegan). El Gaucho Bellevue offers Tofu Steaks with an amazing corn and lime bean succotash; a Vegetable Plate of assorted marinated and grilled vegetables with zesty cilantro chimichurri sauce (vegan); Gemelli pasta with sautéed vegetables (vegan); Porcini mushroom risotto cakes, or a calzone stuffed with vegetables and cheeses. At El Gaucho Portland, the Crimini & Shitake Risotto is a comfort-pleasing food, and at El Gaucho Tacoma, the French Onion soup and herb linguini are favorites. Of course, AQUA by El Gaucho is a pescetarian’s delight, but also offers vegetarian and vegan options including Chickpea and Jasmine Rice Cakes.

Of course, these are just a few examples of what is available on our menus, but our chefs are happy to accommodate special requests. Also talk to your server if you have dietary requests or needs.

Both AQUA and El Gaucho Seattle are participating in Seattle Restaurant Week, held October 13-17th, and 20th-24th. Three courses for only $28 is a great way to sample the variety of menu choices we offer! To view our menus, visit our website: www.elgaucho.com

We revel in celebrating lives and all foodie types – come join us!


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