Project Description

The El Gaucho Portland Cigar Lounge

“If I cannot drink bourbon and smoke cigars in heaven than I shall not go.”  ~ Mark Twain

Welcome to a little slice of heaven in downtown Portland.  The El Gaucho Cigar Lounge sets the standard for a full-service dining experience. Sit back and relax while our professional and expertly trained staff recommend the perfect pairing of libation and cigar.  Guests are treated to El Gaucho’s legendary service whether gathering in the lounge for dinner, drinks or private events.

Cigar captain Nicholas Henley has stocked the humidor with a cigar for every palate, from the novice to the most experienced veteran smoker.  The collection includes well-known and loved brands such as Arturo Fuente and Padrón, as well as a rotation of rare and the hard to find.

The menu features drink pairings to perfectly balance the nature of each cigar.  For instance, Nicholas recommends a glass of Yamazaki 18 year single malt with the CAO Flathead V660 Carb, while the Padrón 1964 Exclusivo is best with either the Kopke Colheita 1960 Port or the Dalmore Cigar Malt Reserve.

Chase McPeak, Lifestyle Editor for The Manual shared these thoughts about what to look for in a great cigar lounge.  “First and most, the important quality is privacy. I would never step into a cigar lounge with windows facing the street–I’d feel like I was in a fishbowl with smoking naysayers gawking. Secondly, I look for a strong ventilation system; just because I enjoy smoking cigars, that doesn’t mean I enjoy smelling like them. And finally, the atmosphere of the cigar lounge needs to evoke the spirit and design sense of an old boys’ club: leather, plush seating, dark wood, and dim lighting. El Gaucho’s cigar lounge offers all of that with the addition of private cigar vaults and humidors with the added benefit of having a top-flight steakhouse food and bar menu available. Nothing’s better than a steak, a scotch, and a cigar–preferably all in one evening. El Gaucho cigar lounge delivers.”

The El Gaucho Cigar Lounge features 56 climate-controlled cigar lockers to house member’s personal cigars and cigar paraphernalia.  Memberships are available on an annual or multi-annual basis and include invitations to complimentary, cigar member-only events.

Cigar captain Nicholas Henley is your guide to an exceptional evening in the El Gaucho Portland Cigar Lounge.  Mark Twain would think it is pretty close to heaven!

Call 503-227-8794 for reservations.