Truffle Butter Poached Maine Lobster Recipe

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! If you’re the type who’s more for staying in and cooking an indulgent meal rather than dining out, we have a recipe that is sure to dazzle your Valentine. Look no further for the perfect, decadent dish – our Truffle Butter Poached Maine Lobster. Paired with a béarnaise sauce and a truffle herb salad, this will certainly impress your special guests.

If you’re not up for trying it at home, you can find it on our menus through the end of January. Bon Appétit!

1 Maine Lobster
2 ounces Béarnaise Sauce
3 ounces Truffle Herb Salad

Herb Salad
Equal Parts:
o Arugula
o Radicchio
o Basil
o Tarragon
o Mint
o ¼ cup olive oil
o ¾ cup truffle oil
o ¼ cup balsamic
o 2 tbsp honey
o Salt, pepper, lemon to taste

Truffle Butter for Poaching
1 pound whole butter
½ cup truffle oil
¼ cup truffle peels (To make shavings, either take a hand planer or grater, and gently shave truffles)

Poach lobster in truffle butter by melting two cubes of butter in a sauté pan. Shuck the lobster tail with a French knife on a cutting board remove the shell, place lobster meat in the melted butter, either gently poach the lobster on the stove or in the oven at 375°. Remove pan from heat approx. 7-8 minutes or until tail is firm.
1. In a separate bowl mix the herb salad with dressing
2. Plate with sauce in a pool in the middle of the plate
3. Place lobster on sauce and garnish with herb salad


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