A Word from Chad ~ April 2017

At nine years old, my youngest son dreams of becoming an engineer. He loves to
design and build everything from Legos, Lego Robotics, metal 3D models, and
anything else he can get his hands on. I asked a friend who just happens to be a
rocket scientist if he could help with Owen’s interest.

He took us to visit an amazing company where Owen saw the incredible variety of
careers that are possible, from software, propulsion, manufacturing, avionics,
and human factors. At the end of the visit, they invited him back in a few years
to perhaps shadow an intern for a day. As a pilot myself, I did have a brief
wish that he’d become an astronaut – the ultimate pilot! But we’ll be happy to
settle for him designing the rocket ships that’ll launch and keep humanity in

During our visit, I was inspired by the vision and ambitious dream of the person
who built this company. The power of the entrepreneurial spirit, combined with
the ability of private enterprise to fund it, has created a place for hundreds
of talented engineers to accomplish their dreams. One of our company’s core
values is the belief in the power of the free enterprise system. I am always
struck by the realization that this is how great advances are made in all areas
of business.

Thank you, Bill, for being generous with your time and opening that door. It’s
an experience that Owen and I will never forget.

Please join us this spring to see some of the advances our culinary team has
made in the kitchen! We are highlighting lamb and fresh carrots, and a lemon
cake that will have you dreaming of the sunny days to come.

Until Next Time,
Chad Mackay | President, COO


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