A Word from Chad ~ August 2015

My wife and I attended a memorial service this week for a friend who passed away too early in life. One of the speakers described him as being a ‘gentlemen from another era.’ What is profound and shocking to me is that it’s uncommon for people to behave that way anymore. Somehow, across a few generations, we’ve lost some of our social manners and etiquette, and what used to be the norm is now considered aristocratic.

Listening to the many fond memories of our friend, and the recounting of his manner in how he treated others, was restorative, heartwarming and truly inspirational. What a legacy he has left for all to remember and carry forward.

Later, I couldn’t help but recognize the sharp contrast to a recent news story, about a spat between a restaurant owner and a family with a crying baby. A bit of generosity and some etiquette on both sides would have alleviated the situation – for everyone. Instead, both the couple and the owner behaved like buffoons and made national headlines.

Since etiquette isn’t taught in school or in many homes any more, this fall we are going to launch a series of etiquette seminars, videos, and trainings that you’ll be able share with the young adults and emerging future leaders in your life, to help them better navigate our world with grace and a dash of confidence.

For business owners who have sales teams or employees that might need a bit of polish, we’ll have something for you as well.

It’s time to bring some of the past back, and what better way than over dinner and glass of wine?

We’ll miss you Alec. Thank you for the time you shared and the legacy you leave all of us.

Until Next Time,
Chad Mackay | President & COO


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