A Word from Chad ~ November 2015

One night last week we had what I call an epic fail at our house. My boys have been looking forward to this for some time, had completed all of their homework, cleaned their room, and I made a special trip to pick “it” up. No, I’m not talking about a puppy (that’s a topic for next spring), but the newly released Halo 5 video game.

Why do I call this an epic fail? Because my boys were expecting the new version to build on the past, and this one broke their hearts. The graphics are beautiful and the story line is intriguing. One of my sons even nicknamed the Master Chief character as the “runaway bunny.”

It’s hugely disappointing because they can no longer play split screen with each other and friends. Instead, they now have to go online and select “multiplayer” instead of all just duking it out in our basement. I called two other dads I knew who had also picked up the game to see if I was missing something. We all had the same disappointing experience, and our expectations crumbled.

I’m returning the game to get a refund. It’s not that the game’s not exciting – it’s that consistently, Halo has been a fantastic game to play with other people in the room. It’s fun to play and exciting to watch. I’m not particularly jazzed about them playing with online strangers.

I thought about how this applies to our company; how honoring consistency and legacy is what we are about. Getting rid of split screen multi-player is like us no longer offering core menu items, like Chateaubriand, or changing out tableside Caesar salad to something more modern and trendy. Imagine arriving for dinner, only to discover there is no longer anyone to park your car, or you order a new dish but there is no one to help you choose the right wine.

We are all about taking great care of our guests, our team, and our community. Don’t look for us to change any of those fundamentals. We’ve built our company on consistently delivering a great experience for our guests.

Until Next Time,
Chad Mackay | President & COO


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