A Word from Chad ~ October 2016

My family and I just returned back from a trip to Tucson where I attended the Annual Certified Angus Beef® (CAB) Conference. I’ve always come back with great information, a new connection, and at least one great idea to bring back to the team.

This year was no exception. I had the opportunity to listen to a historian, Marueen Ogle, talk about the history of meat in America. “In Meat We Trust” is a story of how exceptional this country was from the beginning – no other place on earth historically has had such abundance. She noted that through time, even the poorest in America were able to eat meat multiple times a week, whereas in places like Europe, one was lucky to eat scrap meat maybe once a week. Chronic malnourishment was common among the world’s populations. The U.S. has such a history in meat that the backyard BBQ is really in our historical genes.

Of course, we know that all beef is not created equal, and the steaks we serve at El Gaucho are exceptional. Twenty years ago – since the beginning – we started serving CAB® and we took it a step further by dry aging for 28 days. In 2000, we helped launch the CAB Prime® specification with my father having met John Tarpoff at the CAB Annual Conference in Whistler (great things come from the CAB® conference!).

Fast forward 10 years later, and we helped launch the All-Natural Niman Ranch CAB Prime® specification and have used it since for our for our New York, Rib Chop and sirloin steaks. This is really the rock star steak in the world. When I share what we are doing with cattle ranchers, distributors, and other restaurants at the conference, they are in awe that we serve this level and top it off with 28-day dry-age.

It’s a great reminder of the efforts we go to bring you the best the world has to offer. From our partnerships with fisherman, farmers, and cattle ranchers, we go to extraordinary efforts to bring you the best.

We are proudly celebrating our 20th anniversary and the fun continues through the end of the year. We just held our Iconic Experience Contest and received many terrific stories of how El Gaucho and AQUA have been a part of many wonderful celebrations in people’s lives through the years. The top three stories were selected and you can read them on our website: Click Here »

As part of our anniversary celebration, we have partnered with USO Northwest to build Camp Lewis, a hospitality center at Joint Base Lewis McChord. Giving back has always been a core value for our company and employees, and we are excited to help serve those who serve us. Starting October 8th, on every guest check we will be asking for donations to help build Camp Lewis and sustain it for a year. Our goal is to raise $160,000. Every bit helps and we hope you’ll consider contributing to help those who sacrifice for us every day.


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